Does Positive Thinking Work?

Don't feel bad if you don't believe this! There is another way.

Positive thinking works, that is if you are already a positive person and view the world in an optimistic way.  The trouble is that it is estimated that 80% of the world see life through negative lens.  Perhaps that includes you.

This is not a right or wrong thing, but simply indicates that everyone is wired differently.  The self-help movement has promoted the hoax that a strong-willed individual who follows the “right instructions” can succeed in any endeavor.   Those seduced by the quick-fix mentality are likely to be disillusioned, badly and quickly.

So if you’re part of the disenfranchised majority, what do you do?  First, you forget about positive thinking.  What you want to do is to rewire your brain.  You do that by preparing and working toward your intention or practicing the skill you want to attain.

As with anything new or strange, you probably won’t be very good at first so don’t worry about getting quick results or satisfaction.  Rather stick with it and remember that it usually takes about a thousand hours to achieve competency in anything worthwhile.  Focus on taking baby steps, but keep taking them.  Set modest objectives and take action.  Actions and only actions will be what rewires your brain and bring you closer to your goals, especially if your reservoir of positive thinking is low or nonexistent.

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