9 Quick and Easy Steps to a Healthy Heart

Here are 9 quick and easy steps to show your heart that you really care.  Isn’t that important considering that you never give it a day or even a minute off?  And not of them are physical in nature though they have a physical effect.

1.  Lighten up.  Laugh it up.  Laughter has been shown to increase blood flow and actually increase healthy HDL cholesterol.  Conversely holding your frustrations in places pressures on not only your heart, but your entire body chemistry.

2.  Get a good night’s sleep.  Proper rest is important to maintaining a healthy blood pressure.

3.  Exercise at least thirty minutes most every day of the week.

4.  Maintain a healthy weight by combining that exercise with sensible eating of a healthy diet.  Losing just ten overweight pounds can reduce your risk of heart disease.

5.  Reach out and reconnect with a loved one and let them know you care.  You and your heart will “feel” much better for it.

6.  Hug someone.  Hugging someone increases the hormone oxytocin, which in turn helps lower blood pressure.

7.  Volunteer and give back to others.  Research has shown that people who volunteer in the service to others have lower rates of heart disease.

8.  If you smoke, quit.  It has been proven that smoking has been linked to heart disease and stroke.

9.  When life is getting you down, consider prayer or meditation.  You will feel better when your heart feels “lighter.”



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