Do You Have Strategic Life Plan?

What does your strategic plan look like?


Every successful business has a strategic plan. You should too!

A strategic plan focuses upon where an entity wants to be or become at some point in the future. It may include many hidden, but mission-critical destinations that the public may not care about or even notice, but will be readily apparent if not attended to. Those businesses or people with no plan attract nothing in particular and are typically buffeted around by whatever winds are blowing. Would you set sail with no destination port in mind? If you don’t know where you are going, you will probably end up nowhere.

Having long helped businesses succeed to now assisting individuals realize fulfillment and significance, I can share with you that the tools and processes are essentially the same. It’s just as important that you keep your heart tidy and functioning as it is for a business to keep their activities coordinated. What are your dreams? It’s not about ‘how,’ but the ‘what’ that this strategic plan includes.

A good way to start this process is to record your most cherished values and priorities, and then to lock into them continually by reviewing them as you wake up each day. The emotions and intensity that you follow them will determine your ‘success.’

Yes, it takes time to gather yourself in doing this, but the dividends are so fantastic! And don’t obsess with how you might accomplish these goals. Just remember that like any forward-moving business, you should take the time to quiet yourself and consciously reflect and focus upon what you truly want in your life. Then give up control and become aware, and allow the Universe to direct you. Enjoy the journey!


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