Be What You Want





Be the Cause of what you want. Be the source of what you want. This is a reversal of the world-mind that is always wanting and seeking without giving anything. Causing others to have what you want is the fastest way of becoming Source. And when you’re Source of something, you will easily create or attract it, because what goes around comes around – resonate energy attracts like energy. By principle of the holographic Universe,¬†return does not need to come from the same place you invested into so don’t expect the object of your giving to necessarily return it, but the Universe will.

Want a Friend? Be a friend first.

Wanting Love? Extend it to someone first.

Wanting Success? Find a way to make someone else more successful.

Wanting Health? Tend to and care for someone’s physical betterment and recovery.

Wanting Money? Give money to someone who needs and wants it.

Wanting someone’s attention? Let go of waiting for it, and give your fullest attention to someone first.

Whatever it is you want, you can have it, if you become the source of it. Here you have one of the great mysteries of mysteries revealed in a single blog post. Will you make any use of it?

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