Becoming More Creative


Do you want to become more creative? Would you like to do so comfortably?

There is more than one right answer to any challenge. So often we race to the first answer to any problem or question we encounter. Why stop there? There are nearly always literally dozens more solutions to any conundrum. Pause and take a few minutes to add three or four more possible answers. Resist the temptation to barge ahead with the first thing that comes to your mind. Pause and take a few moments to consider other views and perspectives (sometimes literally). When you change your perspective, things look different and quickly you will realize other alternative solutions.

Make a game of this. Pretty soon you will become more adept and practiced and your creativity will grow even more. You will also realize that every problem does, indeed, present a real opportunity. Blindly and quickly rushing through life and challenges with the most expedient solution often leaves our best interests behind.

Things will begin to change when you add more perspectives and solutions. Taking things a bit more slowly and openly, your angst begins to melt and to move from a position of fear and scarcity to one of engagement, joy, and abundance. Remember that there is always more than one right answer to a problem so don’t automatically choose the first one that comes to mind. Pretty soon you will transform the way you look at everything and life will become even more delicious – and yes, you will become more creative!


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