Twelve Days of Fagan: In My Opinion… DAY 5

41.     With golf course architects collaborating more often these days, one collaboration I’d like to see is with the two Jones brothers, Bobby and Rees.

42.     Many (and I’m tempted to say “most”) golf writers are not what one would call especially good or accomplished golfers, though there are some exceptions.  Hopefully, you will never tell which are which from our writing.

43.     No one has yet equaled Arnold Palmer for his charisma though Greg Norman came closest.  And I’m not aware that Arnie ever demanded an appearance fee or cursed and slammed clubs during his professional career.

44.     I’d much rather play golf with a 36-handicapper who moves along, has an enjoyable time, and smiles as opposed to a scratch player who doesn’t.

45.     Don’t look for golf courses to continue to move real estate in America.  The model is no longer working.

46.     In theory, the 28,000 or so PGA Members are the best distribution system in the game, but in practice they are the worst because of their differing and often fiercely independent agendas.

47.     Golfers are hypnotized by Golf’s Holy Grail as exemplified by the endless recycling of golf instruction in the magazines and video media.

48.     Only fools own, buy or build a golf course for the sole purpose of making money.  Thank goodness there many who have a passion for the game.

49.     The Rules of Golf rival the Internal Revenue Code for their complexity.  Both would be better simplified.

50.     Korean LPGA players on the whole don’t seem to have much fun playing, but they surely are playing well.

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