Twelve Days of Fagan: In My Opinion… DAY 12

111.     The First Tee Programs do, indeed, make a difference in children’s lives.

112.     It is a myth that business deals are done on the golf course; rather the basis for business relationships are started there.  You can build or destroy trust on the golf course.

113.     You know that golf’s demographics are trending in the wrong direction when you are inundated with Viagra and Cialis commercials during the golf telecasts.  Pretty soon you can expect Assisted Living Care commercials.

114.     Golf clubhouses should rent out their excess space to churches, clubs, fast food establishments, service companies, offices, and others who could use it.  Some of the visitors might then discover what a great game golf is and start playing.

115.     Courses with fewer than eighteen holes will gain in popularity as more golfers want “smaller portions.”

116.     The National Golf Course Owners Association has the potential to become the most meaningful and relevant association in American golf.

117.     It is very sad that Larry Nelson has never been selected to be a Ryder Cup Captain.

118.     The worst move ever in the history of the golf business happened quietly in February, 2000 when the E-Z Go Division of Textron killed its parent company’s move to acquire Santa Clara, CA-based GPI, the builder of the world’s first robotic caddy.  They would have kept walking alive and very lucrative for the clubs, and they also could have made the carts robotic and transferred the technology over to the other Textron Divisions.  After the withdrawal, GPI which had spent $30 million to finally get their product successfully in the market, then ran out of funding and ceased operations.  Now walking is gradually going the way of balata, persimmon heads, and aluminum shafts.

119.     “Mental toughness” as a teaching concept for golfers and other athletes is an absolute crock of *&!@##.

120.     I agree with Gary Player that the 400-yard drive is just around the corner in the men’s game.

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