Twelve Days of Fagan: In My Opinion… BONUS DAY 13

121.     Is outsourcing golf course maintenance going to follow outsourcing golf facility management?

122.     Joining a private golf or country club today warrants much more due diligence if you care to protect your investment.

123.     From all I’ve heard, Barbara Nicklaus should be nominated for Sainthood – quite a lady!

124.     Size Matters:  Is golf finally going to discover that “More is NOT more” when it comes to designing longer courses.  Some estimate that it now costs 50% more to build and maintain a 7,500-yard course than it does a 6,500 yard one.

125.     Bright idea:  Santa Cruz’s Pasatiempo Golf Club hires goats to clean out the brush from canyon areas saving huge amounts of time and money, while not putting workers in hazardous conditions.  Golf needs more “outside the box” thinking.

126.     The PGA of America had perfect timing when it sold its Merchandise Show.  The affair has been shrinking along with the game ever since.

127.     Deane Beman is perhaps the most visionary individual in golf administration in the last fifty years.  His many innovations set the table for the growth, power, and prosperity that his PGA TOUR successor and subsequent constituents so enjoy, though their power has overwhelmed the sport in America.

128.     One can learn more about how to swing the golf club by watching the LPGA TOUR than by watching the PGA TOUR.  The average person cannot duplicate what the men are able to do, but most can imitate much of what the women do.

129.     During the 90s I told the PGA of America that they should be working less to develop great players and more to develop more players, but they loved creating more scratch competitions for youngsters.  Elite golfers do not drive revenue to support the game as they get most of their play and equipment for free.  The rest of us buy our clubs and green fees.  Now as the golf numbers no longer are growing, they are finally trying to “grow the game.”

130.     A sound pre-shot routine should be completed before sunset.

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