Wine or Golf Drone?

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A friend brought this to my attention and it has been my experience that it applies to the golf industy.  Is your business or industry inhabited by the Drones?  Do you know any?  (Certainly not you or me!)  Below is the caption that followed.  Do you “make waves” with in your field?


“The best thing about being in the wine business was the people I got to meet, but not for the reasons they thought…

For someone on the outside though, it may be hard to imagine the kind of culture that comprises the wine industry (or maybe not). It doesn’t take long for one to figure out that everyone is seemingly an expert, and that very few travel outside the boundaries of standard industry business practices. So, what you get is lots of recycled ideas and pundits offering nothing but more recycling. So, it’s always exciting to see those few who are making waves.

The character in today’s cartoon isn’t just a making a statement as to the culture of the wine industry–no no. He is found in every type of business, no matter what product they deal with.”


The cartoon and brief commentary are found at  The art is by Hugh MacCleod.  Check it out.

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