Book Review – “Golf & Life” by Jack Nicklaus with Dr. John Tickell

When Jack Nicklaus talks about golf or sportsmanship, I listen.  However, with what I know of him other than being a dedicated Father, I was not in the mood to have him tell me about life lessons, enough said, I simply was not.  Fortunately, in the case of “Golf & Life”, Nicklaus’ co-author Dr. John Tickell carries the burden of such serious commentary.  There are 72 lessons for the taking in which Dr. Tickell tries to uncover the aspects of Nicklaus’ mind and behavior in golf modeling life lessons along with advice for exercise, diet, etc. for the rest of us.  Reading nearly as many self-improvement books as golf ones, “Golf & Life” really does not shed any new light on Nicklaus that has not already been available in magazines or interviews.  As for the life lessons in general, the wisdom is painfully obvious, illustrated by such statements as, “It is impossible to be intelligent and smoke at the same time.”  Thank you Dr. Tickell.  Or according to Nicklaus, “You are your own bottom line.”  Don’t expect anything new or revolutionary or inspiring from either co-author.  Your bookstore has much better other offerings.  However, this is Jack Nicklaus, greatest GOLFER of the 20th Century and it is a positive easy read.  At $24.95, I would pass on this or wait until you can pick it up for a dollar in a used bookstore or thrift shop.

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  1. Peter Ewen

    Excellent critique Bob!
    I picked up the book hoping to get an inside view of Jack Nicklaus and his incredible career.
    It was really a waste of time. Might as well have picked up any other feel good, eat well, live well book.

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