Book Review – “Deals on the Green – Lesson on Business and Golf From America’s Top Executives” by David Rynecki

Truth be shared, I enjoy business as much as golf, and my reading and library more than reflects that.  There have been a number of books recently that have tried to impart golf’s life lessons to business.  Most are simply a collection or rehashing of platitudes, not much original and hardly worth purchasing.  What a delightful surprise David Rynecki’s “Deals on the Green” is.  It is not a “how to win business” work, but rather an anecdotal review of the qualities needed to succeed in not just golf and business, but life.

“Deals on the Green” is such a good read, I could not put it down.  It is a quick one as well.  Author Rynecki takes you within the ultra private golf domains of such places as Cypress Point, Deepdale, and Augusta National, and reveals an inside look at many of the chieftains of commerce who also relish golf.  The list of subjects is impressive and includes: Buffett, Huizenga, Schwab, O’Neal, Welch, Ridder, Fireman, and Gates to name just a few.  It also includes a candid insight into the golf business featuring Taylormade and their CEO, Mark King.  One thing for sure is that Rynecki has had some very interesting experiences.  I found “Deals on the Green” to be both informative and insightful.  I definitely recommend it.

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