Book Review: “Think Like a Caddie Play Like a Pro” by James Bartlett & the Professional Caddies Association

There are a zillion instructional books in bookstores, but “Think Like a Caddie Play Like a Pro” is interestingly different.  It’s part insightful instruction and an historical celebration of the role of the caddie and some of its highest profile members.

I started my golf career as a caddie before becoming a teaching and playing professional and I always felt that whether caddying or giving a playing lesson, I could always save my golfing client at least a half dozen shots per round.  Well, the wisdom gleaned by these professional caddies will do the same for you.  A good caddie is far, far more than merely a bag toter.  They are part strategist, another pair of eyes, a source of course information, psychologist, manager, valet, etc.  ‘Think Like a Caddie Play Like a Pro” provides you with a host of valuable information from inside the ropes in a very entertaining, easy-to-read format, complete with checklists and entertaining anecdotes.

“Think Like a Caddie Play Like a Pro” also conveys the history of the American caddie, which is sadly becoming extinct, save for the professional golfers and a decreasing number of private golf clubs.  When you add in the time-tested insider’s wisdom, you come up with a “good buy” that will not only help your game, but also prove an enjoyable read as well.

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  1. Dennis Cone

    Hello Bob and Happy Holidays
    Thank you for felling our passion and sharing your past looping days.
    Our ” THINK LIKE A CADDIE, PLAY LIKE A PRO ” is for everyone and will introduce the non-golfer to a new world that is entertaining and beneficial to all who call themselves Loopers! ” If you have never played golf with a caddie – YOU have never played the game. ” stated Dennis Cone, Founder/CEO Enjoy the walk! Caddie ON……………… for the KIDS & the Game.

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