HuMn Wallet Fits The Bill


Bet you’ve never seen a wallet like this one! At least, it’s not your Father’s wallet.

I always get a bit excited when I find someone who has built a better mousetrap so to speak and the HuMn wallet is an ingenious variation that may even help my golf.

My chiropractor says that I shouldn’t wear my thick wallet in my rear pants pocket, but to place it in my front pocket would look and feel odd. Enter the HuMn wallet of the minimalist design. I can take all my credit cards, a number of folded bills and even a few business cards and with the flat, thin HuMn wallet, they all securely fit in that front pocket. The elastic band holds all securely in place.

Essentially, the HuMn wallet is two pieces of thin, either hard aluminum or carbon plate layers in which you place outside your contents and then secure with a thick strong elastic band that comes with it. A third plate can be used to create two sections. As such, it is also RFID blocking, which is a nice feature for those security-minded folks. (RFID is Radio Frequency Identification that uses a small circuit on your credit card or identification card to broadcast the cards number and other information more common in Europe.) Various colors are also available.

To use the wallet, you open it utilizing some notches kind of like an expanding accordion file typically with your thumbs. About the only caution is you need to be careful how you accessing your credit cards so they don’t all fall out. Anyway, it doesn’t take much getting used to, but after just a couple of weeks I’ve now found it convenient, more comfortable, and efficient – and I use it all the time playing golf or traveling.

The HuMn money clip or wallet alternative retails beginning at $59  for the basic unit. For more information, refer to:



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