Product Review: The RoboCup Automatic Ball Return Robot

The RoboCup (in the hole) with the recommended Caddy Cord.

Never suffer back fatigue again while practicing your putting.  Usually spending any extended time practicing putting and you can be assured of a sore or tired back from bending over to retrieve your ball out of the cup. With the RoboCup, that is a thing of the past, and you will also get in more practice attempts for your time.  While many pros have a caddie attending the cup for them while they practice, most of us don’t.  The RoboCup is the only ball return device designed to work on every practice green.  When your putt drops into the hole, the RoboCup’s innovative design automatically shoots the ball right back to you.

I have tested this device and it works nicely.  I do strongly recommend using the Caddy Cord to surround the cup because some of your dead-center putts may otherwise hit the device and pop out.  With the cord, they together with your misses are collected into the cup and the RoboCup neatly returns them to you.

The RoboCup runs on 4 AA batteries and will return the ball 14 +/- feet, depending on green speed. A set of batteries will last for 15,000 putt returns and it fits into both practice and full-depth cups.  It comes with a nice convenient carrying case.

The RoboCup (with Caddy Cord) is available for under $60, making it an ideal Father’s Day or spring/summer gear or tech-inspired gift. Without the cord, it is $49.95.  Refer to:

The unit comes with a 100% 30-Day Satisfaction guarantee.  Spend more time improving your putting and less time picking up golf balls. That’s why Tour Pros use the RoboCup. It doubles or triples the number of practice putts you can take because it saves you so much time retrieving your shots, as well as the wear and tear from bending your back.  I really enjoy my RoboCup and suggest that you will too!

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