O’ Bandon Air: A Poem by Matt Flenniken


The following is a poem I enjoyed and was penned by my friend, Matt Flenniken during a visit to the Bandon Dunes Resort.  It is shared with his permission.



By Matt Flenniken,  PGA Member


A beautiful day for a beautiful game

Not here for mere aspirations of fame

For not such meager thinking relevant today

But more for the land that crawls to the sea

And the smell of the seaweed and tide before our evening tea.

With joy we stride not with modern carts and palm trees here

But a stride with purest heart and love of the game so near.

The fescue is tight so my irons I wish to pinch with delight

To see the driving bullets piercing flight.

We play from dawn to the earth’s half night

With valiant belief that each shot is right.

Whether on dunes of Bandon or Pacific or Trails or with Old Macdonald we trod

Never halting, but giving them an honorable nod,

We give them our best and we accept the rest

and keep the ball low so where we know where it go,

as we count our blessings and plan for our shots

we keep our head high and a positive eye .

Our love of the links is never so sad

that friends and match play can never be had.

So tis now we arrest our souls from our measure on the links;

we enjoy a sit by the fire in atmosphere of our tire

and reminisce of our fondness of each cleek hit on a wire.

The sky she may be fair or sideways she blows

Yet, ye golfers all shall stride the links with rose on the cheeks and wind in the hair

And with a serene and smiling face- tell- he was there

and found the best of links in o’Bandon air.



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