What Is Travel?


“Traveling isn’t all happiness. If you’re searching for happiness, you’re searching for a vacation. Traveling is often exploring things that make you uncomfortable: physically, ethically, emotionally, metaphysically.” So wrote Justin Alexander.

Travel also isn’t necessarily a really comfortable bed, a safe place to keep things, or comfort and security. Neither is it routine, convenient or always predictable.

Travel is about growing, learning, connecting with or observing others, and getting out of your own comfort zone. It’s about discovery. Often you may find the people nicer and the places safer than you had imagined. It’s about learning the ways and views of others, often humbling my own, making me question everything – something I would never otherwise gain living just in the United States.

Constant travelers know to roll with the punches and know they will figure things out – lessons in resourcefulness and resilience. They will likely acknowledge that fear is our only captor. Travel is about being alive, aware, and in the moment. Making memories with experiences, people, and places worth remembering.

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