A different healthy snack for the golf bag

Safe Catch is a good catch

Safe Catch is a good catch

In the past few years, I’ve subscribed to the intermittent fasting routine. This is where you refrain from eating between 6 pm in the evening until the following day at 10 am. If playing in the early morning and making the turn at 10 or so, I’m famished, especially since I almost always walk. Often, I’ll pack my bag with peanut butter and jelly sandwiches or a protein bar. 

But after hearing about tuna in a convenient single-serving pouch, I had to give it a try. Available from California’s Safe Catch, its Elite Wild Tuna boasts a guaranteed “lowest mercury of any brand.” I’ve eaten tuna for years as it offers a lean source of protein and contains healthy omega 3 essential fatty acids. If you don’t believe me, look it up.

What I really liked about Safe Catch is how it’s available in a pouch which doesn’t require refrigeration and is a no-fuss/no mess snack. It was quick and easy to use and filled me up.

Safe Catch is available in a 12-pack of 3 ounces each. Priced at $35.99 with free shipping.

Visit www.safecatch.com

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