Delta Pops For One

Last week, this column noted the escalating rapacity of the airlines in piling on fees, at least some of which seem pretty chintzy. As if in not –objectionable comeuppance, my Delta flight from Chicago to New York City served complimentary wine and beer to us peonage passengers (liquor still cost seven dollars a pop).

Here’s hoping I’m not getting a flight crew in trouble. Assuming that it is an official gesture toward bolstering customer loyalty, though, it will be interesting to see if it produces the desired effect.

There’s a joke here somewhere about the lengths a golf writer will go for a free beer. Not from here to Chicago, certainly. On the other hand, if some really generous media-trip sponsor was sending me round-trip airfare and I had a choice of airlines, other things being equal, hey, I’m a Delta guy.

# # #