The Numbers Game at Casa de Campo


Jose Valdez

1. Oldest employee? Jose Valdez has worked in various capacities at Casa de Campo for 32 years. He has chauffeured and grilled lobsters for Michael Douglas, Elizabeth Taylor and Billy Crystal (but not at the same time or villa).


2. Average winter temperature? A balmy 29 C/85F by day; 20C/69F at night.


Casa Ola for sale or rent

3. Cost of Villa Ola (see photo)? A cool $13.5 million U.S. or from $4,000 to $6,500 per night, depending on the season. Zillion-dollar view.


4. Number of cigars smoked on the golf course by Warrior Jeff Wallach? One fat one purchased after our factory tour at La Flor Dominicana, hailed by Cigar Aficionadoas “the most creative manufacturer in the cigar business.”

GRW Wallach takes a puff


5. Cost of a four-hand massage at The Spa? $240 U.S. for 80 sublime minutes.


Digna reigns as Lago's Smoothie Queen

6. Number of breakfast smoothies whipped up by the ever-beaming Digna at Lago restaurant over the span of her 23-year career here? “Mucho amiga.”


7. Number of employees at Casa de Campo? 25,000 at both the resort and sugar mill.


Fancy a cold one?

8. Number of beers consumed monthly? 8,000, many of them the country’s own Presidente.


9. Number of skeets nailed by Warrior Jeff Neuman? Six. Not bad for a guy who had never fired a gun.


10. Number of Ibuprofens swallowed this week by Golf Road Warriors? Lost count.



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