Facebook Faux Pas: St. Andrews, England?

You’ve heard of St. Andrews, Scotland? The Auld Grey Toon, The Home of Golf and of the Old Course, the world’s greatest golf course, St. Andrews University, the Royal and Ancient Golf Club, the St. Andrews Golf Club, and a town which played an important role in the Scottish Protestant Reformation?

All right, for 1,000 points and a place in the bonus round, in what country is St. Andrews, Scotland located? If you answered, “England!” you’re wrong, unless you work for Facebook. While the correct answer is, in fact, Scotland, Facebook doesn’t think so. Look to the right of the attached screenshot to see for yourself.

This has proven—understandably—to be a source of irritation for some residents and fans of St. Andrews so much so that a Facebook page was founded to correct the problem: This St Andrews is in Scotland. So far it has 871 likes but no response from Facebook after repeated attempts to have the grievous error rectified.

All you Facebookers out there, click the “Like” button and help the cause. Make sure St. Andrews, Scotland is returned to Scotland.




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