Ryder Cup Announcers Already Overdoing It

The first three matches are on the golf course at Medinah Country Club in Day 1 of the 2012 Ryder Cup and already the American television announcers yapping on ESPN can’t help themselves.

Lee Westwood teed off on the first hole and while the ball was in the air Paul Azinger called him “one of the best ball strikers in the game, one of the most accurate drivers.” I did some quick checking using information in an article written by Golfweek’s Brad Klein. Now, I’m not sure what Azinger considers best in the game, but 12 players in this Ryder Cup, six for each team, have better driving accuracy numbers than Westwood.

I wish these guys would just stop trying to make every damn player out to be an all-time great and just let their games speak for themselves.

A few minutes later, Azinger hypothesized that players like Westwood and Sergio Garcia are better putters in the Ryder Cup than in tour competition because of the “finality” of the putts. An interesting take on the success of those two in the biannual competition. It’s that kind of insight we need to hear. Leave the bloviating to the p.r. people.



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