Tripp Davis Restoring Spring Lake Golf Club

Tripp Davis and Associates have been hired to renovate the 18-hole course at Spring Lake Golf Club on New Jersey’s north shore with work already under way.

George Thomas, the man who designed Riviera Country Club, was the original Spring Lake designer. The course opened in 1911. Seven years later, A.W. Tillinghast was brought in to redo the layout.

“Our direction and focus in developing a Master Plan for Spring Lake was to keep Thomas’s solid routing intact, then look to what Tillinghast did so we could work to reestablish the importance of angles off the tees, restore and enhance the strategic intent of the bunkers and return them to their original style,” Davis said in a press release. “Additionally, fairway widths that were altered over the years will be regained, the once sandy scrub areas that were a prominent feature will be reintroduced, some greens will be rebuilt, and overall there will be a more open feel to the landscape.”


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