Owner of Louis Oosthuizen’s Double Eagle Golf Ball Reportedly Makes a Trade With Augusta National

Within moments of taking possession of the golf ball Louis Oosthuizen used to make a double eagle on the second hole during Sunday’s final round of the Masters, Wayne Mitchell was offered several thousand dollars for the historic orb by other gallery members. He turned down every bid. Oosthuizen had casually tossed the ball into the crowd as he walked to the third tee.

Soon after, members of the press descended on Mitchell to get his take on how it happened. According to a person familiar with what transpired next, once the reporters left Mitchel Augusta National Golf Club security arrived and invited him to Butler Cabin to meet AGNC chairman Billy Payne and others. He accepted and Payne reportedly offered him two lifetime passes to the Masters in exchange for the golf ball.

Mitchell, a guest of Dow Chemical and attending his first Masters, reportedly replied that although the offer was very generous, he would turn over the golf ball only in exchange for the opportunity to play Augusta. Payne agreed.

No word on when Mitchell will tee it up or if he will be allowed to bring friends.

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