The Scots Have a Way with Words

Campbeltown, Scotland is my home for the summer. I’m caddying at Machrihanish Dunes Golf Club. The majority of players I’ve deal with have not been visitors to this country, but Scotsmen.

Macrihanish Dunes

There is a lot to like about how the Scots approach the game of golf but one of my favorite’s is the phrases they use to describe various aspects of the game.

Early this week I was caddying in a foursome. Walking down the fairway, one player was recounting a recent round. “Then, at about the fourth hole, the Indian sitar player showed up, out of nowhere,” he said.

I know that I didn’t hear wrong. Indian sitar player? Did Ravi Shankar materialize? Huh?

Then it all made sense. Ravi SHANKar. The guy had the shanks!


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