Beverage Cart Beauties Can Make or Break Your Round

Dennis, I have your Decaf for you!

With all of the golf course operators moaning and crying about how bad things are, sometimes they don’t realize that there are things right in front of them that can help – both in driving more revenue and getting repeat business. One of those things is the beverage cart and the ladies who drive them.

It only makes good common sense to me that golf course management who only hire people that have seemingly a great demeanor, folks who seem to like people and folks who have a GREAT personality. All too often it has been my experience to encounter a young women working the beverage cart that barely has a pulse yet alone a personality. All to often having to experience a young woman who woke up on the wrong side of the bed and could care less whether you bought something from her or not. In fact, this is the type person who often will just drive by your group despite yelling and jumping up and down to be seen. This type employee does not bode well for the golf property and does not translate well for beverage sales.

On the other hand, I have come across beverage cart ladies that have UNBELIEVABLE personalities. Young ladies that flash that great smile at you as you approach them to buy that Bud and a packet of chips. They will engage you in conversation. “How’s your game so far?” “I saw you 3-putt that last hole. Are you sure 1 can of beer is enough?” “Here, let me rub your shoulders for a minute to loosen you up.” Any wonder that these people make very good money at what they do? And if they make good money, guess what, the golf course is making money…yeah! Women like this encourage players to come back in the hopes that they may meet up again and also promote the course where they make their living.

It doesn’t cost anything to be nice, to be polite, to be friendly, to have a great sense of humor and….to know how to sell! This type experience can help turn a bad round into something tolerable and turn a good round into something memorable. Oh, yeah, it doesn’t hurt to be smokin’ hot either.
Another Bailey’s and coffee, boys?

Dennis Silvers

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