The President’s Cup….Yawn, Yawn

Well, another trip down under has come and gone for the playing of the 2011 edition of the President’s Cup. The event had all the usual hype by the golf media, the players and both Captains. From the very beginning, if you looked at the teams on paper, it was clear that the American squad had it all over the Internationals. but in competitions like this, you never know what might happen in the end.

To be fair, there was some very good golf played under difficult conditions on a difficult golf course. The job that both Captains had was difficult as far as pairing players together and deciding who should play whom in the singles portion of the competition. No matter how long and hard you think about it, no matter how many crystal balls you gaze into, it all comes down to player execution….just ask Robert Allenby.

From my view point, I think the biggest problem the Captains have…especially on the American side…is keeping the motivation to a level to where it’s good enough to get the job done. Is there a real hunger for the Americans? No. They have won this competition so many times they can’t recall the number. Is there any real feeling of “playing for their country?” I don’t think so since the pressure is pretty well off given the amount of times they have prevailed.

There are no real tears from the winning players at the end…unlike the Ryder Cup. Happiness and joy prevail. I get that. The biggest problem that faces the International squad is a way to figure out how to beat the Americans at their own game. No amount of pre-tournament hype by Greg Norman was going to change anything. No amount of “home course advantage” is going to change the outcome. It’s way overrated. Yeah, Tiger played very well on the last day in the singles competition. Pundits are speculating that he might be back. I say don’t hold your breath. Sure, Tiger got the point to secure the Cup for the Americans, but it would have happened anyway without his victory.

I have heard several people say that they were on the edge of their seat at times watching this on television. Was there that much drama? All I know is that Freddie got another win; the Shark  was reduced to a guppy, and it provided me with some solid, well-needed sleep. Good on ya, Mate.

Dennis Silvers

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