So Many Courses, So Little Time!

One of the many cool things about playing the game of golf is to have the opportunity to travel all around the world to pursue your passion. Not only do you get to play and experience great courses, but you also get to meet and enjoy other golfers that are also fulfilling their passion. With some 32,000 courses located all over the globe, where do you start? What courses are really worth playing and are really worth the value?

The Rolex Second Edition of The World’s Top 1000 Golf Courses is the definitive answer. They list golf courses that have been played…and rated by a team of independent, qualified inspectors located throughout the world that would review golf courses within their area. Every style of golf course is identified within the book, from desert-style to traditional to seaside and more. Courses are either public or private for the most part. Some countries, like the United States usually have more listed courses then other countries either because of sheer size or the quality of the course and its amenities. One thing to be sure about is that new courses will always appear in the publication which is important, I think, for the reader because of the turn down in the golf economy as a whole.

New courses in countries that haven’t been listed before are sure signs that these courses are worthy of the listing in The Rolex 1000.  Not only do you get the latest up-to-date information about the golf property, but you also have at your disposal information about the surrounding area of the golf course, where to lodge and interesting attractions that would only enhance your golf trip.

With golf course construction slowing, golf course resorts slowing in growth, this publication affords you the opportunity to not only review the newer entrees but some of the “old standbys” as well. Plan your trip by region or by country, The Rolex 1000 lets you get the most out of playing golf at the best there is to offer. If you play golf and if you travel at all, this book is a must have! Please go to

The Bible Of Golf

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