Learning to Hook a Ball 3-Ways…In The Same Magazine

As a person who is involved in golf media, I read just about every golf publication there is, except when I take time out to read and concentrate on the annual Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Edition. Thank goodness I get them all for free, otherwise I’d have to take a second job to pay the freight.

I think some golf magazines offer a bit more then others in the way of instruction, but as a whole, most cover about the same topics and areas of interest. Most due a credible job of layouts, color and photography.  My only real bone of contention with all of these publications is the fact that you can take anyone of these magazines, any month, any year, and you will find NO LESS then 2-3 ways of correcting some swing flaw that  afflicts the average golfer, be it a hook, a slice, pop-ups or hitting it fat or thin. There are a number of golf instructors found on those pages that will each tell you how to correct the SAME problem.

You have to understand that the correction philosophy from each instructor comes from the teaching philosophy that each learned early on.  You talk about a recipe for disaster. Keep in mind also that some instructors that a better way of explaining things then do others. I know for me, the best type instruction is the “kiss” method….keep it simple stupid.

Maybe it’s just me, but I think these magazines are doing a disservice to the majority of their subscribers by having differing methods about curing the same problem. I know these guys mean well, but I guarantee you that the next time you’re on the 1st tee and your usual custom is to hook your ball into the woods, you’ll start thinking…”Well, Bob Smith said this, and Jim Jones said this or maybe I should try what Dave Duffer said…Oh, *&%$#>”

The bottom line is this: stick with the Swimsuit Edition.

Dennis Silvers 


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