Golf Swing Thoughts. Fixing My Slice.

So last night I went out to the driving range.  I first practiced my putting skills with a round of 3/6/10/20 and then asked someone to play closest to the pin for a bit which was fun.  After that I headed over to the range.  I pulled out my trusty Ping irons and played long iron, short iron.  I have been going to the range every night for a week now.  My golf swing is starting to come back.

There’s a lot I’d like to learn about golf swings that I hope to cover on my site.  I know nothing about 1 plane golf swings and 2 plane golf swings.  But since I hit my driver with a slice I’ve been thinking quite a bit about that.  Jeff Ritter has a nice short post about curing your slice which I’ve been using.  The second piece is something Brian McCallan mentioned when we were playing in Orlando that left wrist was not rolling over.  Once I started going to the driving range again I completely noticed this too.  I read another piece on Jeff Ritter’s site about turning over your right hand.  Between these three pieces of information my whole swing has started to loosen up.

In turns out I didn’t hit a driver for many years.  My drives were so inconsistent.  Then one day I went to the driving range with my buddy Jim Quinlan who now runs Athletic Golf Swing.  Q as we call him is the complete golf addict.  His house is full of every golf training aid, golf training video, golf practice clubs, golf putting mats that have ever been invented.  Jim had me to two big things.  Take a more athletic stance and align myself using my clubs to the target.  And voila!  I could hit a driver.  Not always very consistently but I could certainly hit 4th in a scramble.

So yesterday was good because I’m finally able to hit my TaylorMade driver again.  I swing a lot easier than I used to and I’m finally able to get a mental picture of the path my club should be following when I’m hitting a drive.  Which is good because I’ve signed up to play in the PGA Golf Merchandise show Media scramble.  I expect my driving will continue to get better to a point.  Just in time to try out all of the club fitting services at the PGA Show.  Which if you’ve never seen what the Ping, Taylormade, Titleist and Nike can do with a club fitting session than you’re really not playing modern golf in my opinion.

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