Callaway plans more focused ad campaign for new RAZR irons

Look for Callaway Golf Co. to get more focused with its irons marketing/advertising campaign in the next few weeks. So far this year the company has focused on its family of RAZR irons, but Jason Finley, director of marketing for metal woods and irons at Callaway, told me plans are to focus more on the new RAZR X HL irons and RAZR X Black irons.

Callaway's RAZR X HL iron

“We like to say that we have an iron for everybody, so we started out the year talking more about the family of irons,” Finley said. “As we move through the year, and as consumers’ buying habits change, we want to focus more on single products and the benefits each iron delivers.  We’ll have new TV spots and print campaigns around those models.”

For high-handicap players, the RAZR X HL irons are a good introduction to the RAZR family. The irons are forgiving and get the ball airborne in a hurry.  Players can substitute RAZR X HL hybrids for the long irons in the set.

The RAZR X Black irons are the next step up from the RAZR HL irons in terms of game improvement. Each RAZR X Black iron has a wide sole, but it doesn’t dig as much as other wide-sole irons; and the longer hosel helps give the iron a more classic look.

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