Titleist launches WedgeWorks Services for Vokey wedge fans

Vokey wedges are among the most popular on Tour and among consumers

Nobody likes wedges more than I do. That’s why anything from Titleist master wedge maker Bob Vokey gets me excited.

Now, in response to the success of WedgeWorks Exclusives and WedgeWorks Limited wedges, Titleist said it has launched WedgeWorks Services, whereby Vokey Design wedge enthusiasts can take advantage of a variety of wedge care, customization and personalization services to transform their favorite Vokey scoring clubs into one-of-a-kind creations that reflect the performance preferences, style and personality of the individual golfer. Vokey is opening his custom shop and making services available to the public that had previously been reserved only for Tour players.

The personalization and customization options available through WedgeWorks Services, according to Titleist, “are virtually endless.” That is, customers can choose between a la carte services and full packages that combine various services. A tune up package goes for $35, for example, which includes checking loft and lies as desired, re-grip, re-turn/finish ferrule if necessary, buff/polish/clean the club head and restore the paint fill to its original level if needed.

The other options available are Shaft Replacement Package ($45 + applicable shaft upcharge) and the Works Package ($65 + applicable shaft upcharge). The latter is the combination of the Tune Up and Shaft Replacement. Players can also opt for a la carte choices as they see fit. However, the service doesn’t include two items: Re-chroming or Re-grooving.

“We know there are a lot of Vokey Design wedges out there that need a little TLC,” said Steve Pelisek, General Manager of Titleist Golf Clubs.  “Now you can send them in for a mini ‘spa treatment’ at WedgeWorks.  We’ll clean them up, buff them up, and personalize them to your specs.”

Consumers can place orders for WedgeWorks services through authorized Titleist retailers or directly, by visiting www.vokey.com.   The minimum order amount is $35 and WedgeWorks has begun accepting orders. Turnaround time for individual clubs will be approximately five to seven in house after receipt of the wedge.

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