LeBron James names Nike shoes after Arnold Palmer

From one “King” to another, I guess. Newly-minted NBA champion LeBron James tweeted that he named the latest version of his Nike basketball shoe line after Arnold Palmer. James calls the shoe the LeBronold 9 lows and has even put a picture of Palmer signature e oevenThis really happened, folks. James, who’s coming off his first NBA Championship with the Heat, tweeted a photo earlier in the week of a shoe he called the LeBronold Palmer 9 lows.

LeBronold 9 low shoes named after Arnold Palmer

We’re not sure what Mr. Palmer would think of the shoe, but it definitely has a Florida vibe to it with the palm trees and pastel colors. Not only that, James put a picture of Arnold Palmer’s signature “Arnold Palmer” drink – half iced tea/half lemonade on the insole.


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