Nike Golf, Woods, trying to “matter” in China and Korea

Here’s an oddity. After being silent on Tiger Woods for most of 2010, Nike Golf is pushing him out outside the U.S. market.
Nike Golf and Tiger Woods are teaming to launch the Nike Golf “Make it Matter” Tour in China and Korea from April 12-14.

The company says the “Make It Matter” Tour aims “to illuminate the sport of golf in Asia among youth, golf fans and aspiring athletes alike.’’ Woods, according to Nike Golf, will his “insights’’ as it relates to golf, including athletic training, practicing, preparing for competition and product innovation.

There’s nothing wrong with Nike Golf and Woods taking their act to China, which many in the golf industry perceive (or hope) is a growth market, but wouldn’t it be nice if Nike Golf and Woods did the same thing in the U.S? I know, the Striped One has his Foundation, but Nike Golf, in my opinion, needs to get Woods out in front on the same subjects here that it says he will talk about in China. It would mean more to golf, more to Woods as he attempts to resurrect his image and more to Nike Golf as a brand.

Nike Golf and Tiger Woods hope they can make a diifference in China and Korea

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