Swing Jacket now comes in a smaller size

I’m not a big fan of training aids, but I am a fan of the Swing Jacket. It’s one of the few training aids that that works for me. The Swing Jacket trains your body to repeat an effective swing. Basically for me it helps me feel the correct positions I’m supposed to be in on my back swing and follow through.

Swing Jacket is now offered in a smaller size

Swing Jacket is now offered in a smaller size

When it was first introduced a few years, the Swing Jacket came in “one size fits all.” Now a smaller version of the jacket – for petite women and kids – is available. The only difference between the smaller version and the original is that the smaller version has two sets of arm cuffs to fit different biceps sizes.

“We showed it (the smaller Swing Jacket) at a First Tee event this past spring,” Swing Jacket, Inc., President Bill Walsh told me. “A bunch of smaller kids came out. It was fun watching them ‘get it’”

For less than the price of a driver (149.95) you can “get it” too.

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