Cameron Futura X Dual Balance now available


Titleist Scotty Cameron Futura X Dual Balance putterThe new Titleist Scotty Cameron Futura X Dual Balance mallet is now available at a suggested retail price of $399. Titleist brand parent Acushnet Co., said the Futura X Dual Balance mallet features advanced perimeter stability weighting in the head and a standard length of 38 inches with a large diameter 15-inch grip that reduces hand action for a smoother, more stable stroke. A 50-gram counterweight in the butt of the putter shaft helps golfers make a proper stroke with the butt of the shaft pointed at the midsection.

Basically what Futura X Dual Balance does is work for players who use – or might still consider – using a belly putter with an anchored stroke. The perimeter weigthing in the club head and the grip design essentially eliminates the need to “anchor” the putter against your body.

“We’ve found, through our last 20 years of high speed video research with tour players, that the best putters in the world point the butt of their putter at their midsection throughout the putting stroke,” Cameron said. “From address, to the backstroke, at impact and through the forward stroke – the butt of the putter remains pointed to about the same one- or two-inch circle in their belly area.

“With Futura X Dual Balance, the goal was to slow down the butt end of the putter and keep it stable. If you have quick hands, drag the butt away, or you struggle to make a consistent stroke with a conventional putter, Futura X Dual Balance is a great option.”

The proper length of a Dual Balance putter, Cameron said, is three inches longer than a golfer’s conventional putter length. Accordingly, the standard length of Dual Balance is 38 inches, three inches longer than the standard length of a conventional 35-inch Scotty Cameron putter. The large diameter Cameron Flat Front Winn grip, according to Cameron, has a colored section at the top that indicates the proper hand placement at 35 inches, which keeps the 50-gram counterweight above the hands for maximum effect. The 15-inch grip length, Cameron said, also allows for multiple hand placement options and the ability to grip up or down, depending on the player’s preference.

“The higher we can get the butt weight, the more counterbalance effect there is,” Cameron said. “The additional three inches provides stability but keeps the putter unanchored.”

The overall head weight of the Futura X Dual Balance is 400 grams – 50 grams heavier than the standard Futura X.

“We developed numerous prototypes using various counterbalance weighting techniques and tested them with golfers at the Putter Studio and on the PGA Tour,” Cameron said. “When we introduced dual balance technology, the player feedback was extraordinary. It’s very balanced, it’s very controlled. It slows everything down and promotes a more flowing, lethargic stroke without the putter feeling too heavy. Some players have said it feels like an SUV versus a sports car.”



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