Tour Edge Exotics E8 fairway woods coming in two versions


Let’s be blunt. No other company in golf creates fairway woods better than Tour Edge Golf’s Exotics line. Exotics fairway woods have consistently been the hottest of the club face and longest on the market. It’s a tough act to top, but Tour Edge will try with its new E8 collection available next month.

E8 Fairway Wood

E8 Fairway Wood

The E8 fairway woods are available in the E8 and E8 Beta models.  The E8 fairway wood (suggested retail price $249.99), according to Tour Edge, delivers an easy-launching, high trajectory thanks to an upgraded 475 carpenter steel cup face combo-brazed to the hyper-steel body.  The shallow face design, Tour Edge says, also delivers a high launch with less spin increasing distance and ease of use off the deck.

Based on Tour player feedback, Tour Edge says the Beta (SRP $299.99) features an improved, slightly smaller head shape than previous models.  The advanced Beta Titanium cup face has been combo-brazed to the heavier hyper-steel body removing all excess weight around the face for better distance and control.

The Beta head, according to Tour Edge, also includes a slightly deeper face to produce a slightly lower, more penetrating trajectory and improved performance from the tee box.  Tour Edge says the smaller club head shape allows the center of gravity to move closer to the face for exceptional trajectory control and low spin ideal for players with higher swing speeds.

An important distinction of the E8 models involves the center of gravity (CG) location.  Focusing on a faster ball speed and less spin, Tour Edge says its engineers positioned E8’s CG slightly lower closer to the face.  The Beta utilizes a higher, more forward CG position to produce a more penetrating launch and less spin.

The E8 models Power Grid, according to the company, has been re-engineered for a longer reach of the heel and toe, increasing spring effect from even more surface area on the face.

The E8 series incorporates what Tour Edge calls “personalized feel’’ because of an adjustable sole weight.  The club comes standard with a nine-gram sole weight, but can be changed with the purchase of an optional weight kit.  The three-piece weight kit includes a six-gram, 11-gram, and 14-gram weight, kit-$49.99.  Individual weights will be available for $19.99.



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