Ping Golf says Glide wedges easily move through turf


If you’re a wedge freak like me, it’s always good news when Ping Golf unveils a new wedge. This time it’s the Glide family of wedges, which the company says provides trajectory control on shots of every length.

Ping Golf's Glide wedge

Ping Golf’s Glide wedge

“For all golfers, being able to flight your ball with the ideal spin and trajectory will produce consistent, predictable results on any type of shot for hitting the ball close to the pin,’’ said Ping Golf Chairman John Solheim.

The name, Solheim said, says it all: wedges that glide through the turf “better than anything we’ve ever seen.”

The proprietary Dyla-wedge grip, Solheim said, three-quarters of an inch longer to encourage gripping down to control ball flight. The CFS Wedge shaft, according to Solheim, is optimized in weight, flex and balance to provide a stable feel and lower ball flights.

Three sole designs vary in width – standard, wide, and thin – enable players to be fit for their angle of attack and common turf conditions.

In lofts 47 through 54, loft-optimized Gorge grooves, Solheim said, have a 16-degree sidewall to maximize groove volume for improved performance on full shots. A 24-degree sidewall and tighter radius in lofts 56 through 60 optimize spin on chips and pitches. The chrome-plated 431 stainless steel head, Solheim said, repels moisture to create more friction for improved spin and consistency in wet conditions and lies in the rough.


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