Tour Edge Exotics CB Pro F2 features redesigned Slip Stream sole

Tour Edge Golf’s Exotics line of fairway woods is as good as any on the market – long, strong and accurate. The company’s second generation CB PRO fairway wood – the CB PRO F2 – will be available June 1 at a suggested retail price of $399.99. The F2 is noticeably different with a smaller, matte black club head, as well as a redesigned Slip Stream sole Tour Edge says increases ball speed.

The new Exotics CB Pro F2 fairway wood

The new Exotics CB Pro F2 fairway wood

“The Slip Stream sole is the design I am most proud of, so far,” said Tour Edge Golf founder and president David Glod. “The foundation of Exotics is to bring the best technology in the industry to players worldwide and that is my goal with each new product introduction. The CB PRO family of clubs is our premium line and the new F2 fairway wood only adds to that reputation.”

The sole DNA of the F2, Glod said, has been completely remodeled to maximize the player’s club head speed. The new Slip Stream sole waves are reduced in length, according to Glod, to further minimize turf contact regardless of the attack angle and position of the head at impact. New heel and toe cavities provide less turf interaction, ideal weighting, and improved workability. The F2, Glod said, is exceptionally fast and smooth through the turf from any lie.

The CB PRO F2 features a 159cc club head, slightly smaller than the original for a Tour preferred size and shape. The refined size, according to Glod, has allowed engineers to adjust the center of gravity closer to the face increasing ball speed.

The F2 fairway wood’s premium beta titanium cup face is five percent lighter than the previous model due to a more extreme variable face thickness design. Removing the weight from the face and redistributing it in the heavier hyper-steel body, Glod said, produces peak ball speed and distance in a fairway wood. Glod said the Exotic’s tradition of combo brazing the beta-titanium cupped face with the hyper steel body means that every single gram of excess weight is eliminated from the face and shifted to the sole for a lower center of gravity position in the compact head.

The CB PRO family of products includes fairway woods (CB PRO F2), hybrid (CB PRO U), driving irons and irons (CB PROh), and a wedge series (CB PROs).

Tour Edge’s Exotics CB PRO F2 fairway woods will be available (right-hand only) in lofts of 13.5, 14.5, 15.5, 16.5, and 17.5 degrees.


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