Faldo wants long putters banned: “It’s called a golf swing”

Sir Nick Faldo’s opinion on long and belly putters is simple:

“To anchor a club is a hinge,” Faldo said at an appearance at fabled Pinehurst Resort, site of 2014 Men’s and Women’s U.S. Opens.  “It’s called a golf swing and not a golf hinge. So I’m for pro banning,” long putters and belly putters.

Sir Nick Faldo wants long putters banned

Golf’s two ruling bodies – the U.S. Golf Association and Royal and Ancient Golf Club of St. Andrews – are expected to rule on the fate of belly putters and long putters by year’s end. They could rule to ban the putters all together or rule to ban “anchoring,” the process by which players pin the butt of the putter against their bodies or wrap it in their shirts.

Whatever the decision, the rule won’t be implemented until at least 2016.

“That means we have three solid years, which is going to drive us nuts,” Faldo said with a chuckle.


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