Swing to the Head Cover Music

Cobra Golf will soon introduce earbuds long enough for golfers to wear while practicing. That’s one thing. Here’s another:  A published application US Pub. No. 20120118452 describes a “combination golf club head cover and a golf club head cover pocket configured to hold, transport and/or secure an object, such as a watch, wallet, key, music device, and/or personal item.” A pair of Phoenix inventors applied for a patent in late 2010 but the application wasn’t published until this month.

Rendition of a head cover with music device

Basically the head cover is meant to hold an iPod or some other kind of music player. The application describes the head cover as “configured with one or more music projection elements, such as a power source, receiver, power transmittal line, music source receiver, integrated music source, connector for a replaceably attached music source, music transmittal line, user controller, amplifier, and/or speaker. “

The application says the system allows a golfer to safely transport (that’s a relief) and enjoy a music device while playing a round of golf.

Just no Journey, please.


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