Cleveland Golf 588 Forged Wedge

There’s a feeling of all’s-right-with-the-world now that Cleveland ‘s out with a wedge that reincarnates the beloved old 588—only this new model is forged. It’s a funny thing with wedge clubheads. Forged has a softness advantage, cast means your grooves and sole profile stay intact longer. But hey, now that grooves are a diminished version of their pre-2011 selves (mean old USGA), maybe if you forge ‘em you have made lemonade out of your lemons.

For the record, it’s 1025 carbon steel that they drop-hammer into shape to make this sleek-looking new scoring tool. Tour Zip Grooves line the face, and the steel shaft they’re usinhg is a team-design with TT called the Tour Concept that’s a bit on the tip-stiff side.

Any CG15 and CG16 wedge owners out there who are gonna have the itch to switch ??

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