TMaG launches RocketBallz line of metal woods and hybrids

TMaG's new RocketBallz fairway wood and Rescue club

It’s going to get plenty of buzz – maybe not all of it positive – but executives at TaylorMade-adidas Golf probably don’t care. The name – RocketBallz – a TMaG through and through. So is the new RocketBallz line of metal woods and hybrids.

In search of the first significant fairway wood innovation in relation to COR (coefficient of restitution) ball speed since the introduction of steel construction in the 1980s, TMaG says it “developed and discovered” advancements that, collectively, produced RocketBallz technology.

“The RocketBallz fairway woods and Rescues represent a game-changing breakthrough in performance comparable to few products in the history of our industry,” said Sean Toulon, Executive Vice President of TMaG. “To hold a RocketBallz metal wood in your hands is to possess confidence, power, speed and distance potential that will regularly and quite literally redefine the long game for golfers.”

Major challenges had to be surmounted to develop RocketBallz technology, according to Toulon, including the need to create a durable yet flexible sole/face structure with a deep sole pocket. Additionally, the company needed a deeper face design and low CG (center of gravity) to maintain excellent playability off turf. Lastly, Toulon said, the products needed a front-low CG without sacrificing playability and control.

To achieve these qualities, Toulon said the RocketBallz fairway woods (suggested retail price $229) and Rescues (SRP $179) were developed with a high-strength 455 steel face plate welded to a cast body. They incorporate improved sole geometry and a “Speed Pocket” to improve overall head and face flexibility and a slightly deeper face with a further-forward CG location than traditional designs.

RocketBallz fairway heads are shaped more traditionally (compared to Burner Superfast fairways) and feature a lower CG the company says promotes a higher launch angle and lower spin-rate – launch conditions that promote greater distance.

In addition, two models of RocketBallz Rescue are being offered – standard and Tour. TMaG says the standard model incorporates a lightweight shaft and lightweight grip to promote increased swing speed. The clubface is large and deep, yet the CG is located low and forward, a combination that’s desirable yet difficult to achieve, made possible employing both our Ultra-Thin Wall casting process and our Thick-Thin crown design. The resulting combination of the afore-mentioned attributes promotes faster ball speed, a higher launch angle and lower spin-rates for significantly greater distance.

The RocketBallz Tour Rescue, according to TMaG, has a comparatively smaller address appearance, a slightly open face angle, a toe-weighted CG, and is equipped with a heavier, stiffer, tour-grade shaft.