Driving into golf with Mercedes AMG Formula One clubs (VIDEO)

Formula One driver

When I first heard that WSH, Inc.’s Mercedes AMG Formula One driver and fairway woods each featured the Venturi Channel, I figured it had something to do with golf legend Ken Venturi. I was wrong. It has to do with Italian physicist Giavonni Venturi, the discoverer of what’s known as the Venturi Effect – the reduction in fluid pressure that results when a fluid flows through a constricted section of pipe.

Basically, Venturi Channels have long been used in Formula One race cars to manipulate airflow whereby a funnel is created as air flows through the vehicle, it is constricted, and as it flows out, a jet effect is created. WSH, Inc. has integrated this concept in its golf equipment line to create what it calls
the most technologically advanced and aerodynamically efficient golf clubs” on the market today. In other words, clubs that help create faster swing speed.

To be sure, with their sleek black finishes and Venturi Channels, the Formula One driver and fairway woods are among the most impressive looking on the market today.

“By working directly with the Mercedes AMG Petronas Formula One Team, we’ve been able to incorporate some very valuable Formula One Technology directly into the design of our new golf equipment,” said Michael Lee, CEO of WSH, Inc.

Definitely worth a test drive.



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