FootJoy goes “updated traditional” in FJ Apparel line

Part FootJoy's new FJ Apparel collection for Fall 2012

Golf shoe market share leader FootJoy continues to establish itself as a major player in apparel with its Fall 2012 collection of FJ Apparel. The Fall line epitomizes what the company calls the “updated traditional” look.

“Our first year in outerwear was 1996,” said Whitney Trimball, director of marketing for FootJoy apparel.  “Now we’ve become the No. 1 outerwear company in golf – led by the rainwear and layering system.  That led to a full line of apparel. We started out with a couple of basic shirts.

“Once we decided there was a need for people who want to wear FootJoy, we did a research project we believe is the largest ever undertaken in apparel category.”

The result, Trimball said, gave FootJoy the confidence to move into full apparel lines.

The Fall 2012 line epitomizes FootJoy’s “updated traditional” style. It’s smart, clean and exactly what you would expect from a company with FootJoy’s golf heritage.


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