Hand Ground Vokey wedges available beginning June 19

For those who want the same wedge craftsmanship as PGA Tour players, the Acushnet Company is giving them that opportunity. For the first time, wedge master craftsman Bob Vokey is providing access to the Vokey Tour Department at Titleist with the introduction of WedgeWorks Hand Ground. For Vokey enthusiasts – and there are thousands – it’s the ultimate custom wedge.

Vokey wedges before and after hand grinding

Through WedgeWorks Hand Ground, golfers now have the opportunity to submit their wedge orders to the Vokey Tour Department and experience the same intricate detail as those players competing on the worldwide professional tours, choosing from several models,
grinds and customization options previously reserved for Tour pros only.

After receiving an order, Vokey or one of his craftsmen will hand grind, polish and buff each wedge, before finishing it off
with personalized stamping and a hand-stamped hosel code. The grinder’s initials will be stamped on the hosel of the wedge, a small “BV” marking those wedges hand ground by the man himself.

WedgeWorks Hand Ground wedges have a suggested retail price of $350, inclusive of shafts, grips and customization options. Orders can be placed beginning June 19, with an expected turnaround time of two to three weeks. (U.S. only)

WedgeWorks Hand Ground wedges are offered in lofts of 58 and 80 degrees and four of Vokey’s favorite high-performance sole grinds – M, V, E and T. The V, E, and T models are available only through the Hand Ground program. All Hand Ground wedges have a raw finish, previously available only to Tour players, along with Tour-proven, precision-milled SM4 grooves.


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