Functional Performance System highlights Nike Golf’s NG360 app

I’ve never been one for apps on Smart Phones, but Nike Golf has started to change my mind with its new NG360 app that features what the company calls the Functional Performance System (FPS), Powered By Gray Institute.

Nike Golf's new NG360 app

It’s the component that really sets the NG360 apart from other apps. Some two years in development, Nike Golf and the Gray Institute have developed what they call a “specific athletic performance-based program for golf.”

The new NG360 app is available for free from the App Store on iPhone and iPod touch or at

NG 360 FPS Powered by Gray Institute provides Nike Swoosh Staff members who are PGA Professionals, as well movement specialists, including physical therapists, trainers and chiropractors, with the tools to see the link between swing faults and body deficiencies.

“The body has to serve the swing,” said Gary Gray, co-director of the NG 360 Nike Golf Performance Center and CEO of the Gray Institute.  “The golf swing is a complex movement, requiring properly sequenced contributions from all parts of the body.

“Deficiencies in flexibility, strength, or balance, anywhere in the body, will result in an ineffective and inefficient swing.  It is essential that these deficiencies be identified and resolved so that each golfer can maximize their full potential and enjoyment of the sport.”

A player still has to do the work, of course, but the NG360 app gives him (or her) the exercise routines to focus on certain body parts and work as much r little as time dictates.

“What we want to do is to connect with people like me,” Nike Golf Director of Marketing Nate Randall told me at the company’s “Oven” research facility in Ft. Worth, Texas. “I’m 36. I have a job and three kids. I don’t have time to practice a lot and a play twice a month.

“So give me some drills that I can work on when I get up in the morning, so when I do go play on Saturday I hit it good.”


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