Tiger Woods says his short game has suffered from lack of practice

When Tiger Woods was seemingly winning tournament he entered – it wasn’t that long ago – his short game was touted as the best any one had even seen Eldrick could stick a wedge – full or knock down – from just about anywhere on the golf course.

Tiger Woods

But if there one aspect of his game that has betrayed home in his three-plus-years with a major championship, it’s been his short game. That is, at least in his mind – and that’s the only one that counts.

“I would say certainly my short game has been something that has taken a hit, and it did the same thing when I was working with Butch (Harmon) and the same thing when I was working with Hank (Haney),” Woods said today at the AT&T Championship. “During that period of time, my short game went down, and it’s because I was working on my full game.  Eventually I get to a point where the full game becomes very natural feeling and I can repeat it day after day, and I can dedicate most of my time to my short game again. If you ask some guys, short game is like 150 in because that’s how far they hit their wedges now.”


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