Cleveland Golf Facebook Page Asks ‘What’s Best about Masters Week?’

Such a cool and simple question, and yet it’s possible to read the answers and think: “No, dude, that’s not the best thing, that’s down the list a ways.” If you want give them a scroll the comments are right here.

Here are some of my personal favorite (or let’s say, most interesting) answers:

Cleveland FB fan Keith Lietzke said: “Calling in sick to work.” Indeed.
Stephen Rowland wrote: “Tiger Missing the Cut!!”  Harsh.
Herb Perez wrote: “Watching the replay on Thur and Fri when I get home.”

Very good point that Herb makes. I like the replays after rounds one and two even better than watching it live. You get some perspective, knowing where guys stand, and you know to watch for the little mistakes that a guy made to play himself out of it.

There was lots of praise for the course, lots of props for the green-jacket ceremony, and quite a bit of Lefty love. Even though it is Cleveland’s page on FB, the commenters/friends/Likers don’t get into talking about Vijay or David Toms or other Cleveland players. My pick for low Cleveland pro this week, by the way, is Jeff Overton.

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  1. janinajacobs

    Combined with the fact that The Masters, as the opening major, coincides with the anticipated beginning of the golf season after too-long winters up here in Michigan, it is truly a rite of Spring. I work as the Director of Music in church and since Masters TV coverage begins early on Sundays, I always hurry home to watch it. Seeing recaps of the other rounds are OK but you have to view the final round as it unfolds. Many years ago, as I was racing home to watch, I was stopped for speeding. When I gave my reason for doing so, the traffic cop was obviously not a golf fan….he wrote me a ticket.


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