Henry-Griffitts Praxis PI Driver offers elegance and ease off the tee

The Henry-Griffitts Praxis PI driver may not be on the top of your golf gear wish list but perhaps it should be. The custom-made club with an exquisite dark pearl gray head, which Henry-Griffitts introduced back in April, is one of the sleekest, most well-balanced drivers I’ve hit in a long while

The driver, which custom club-fitter H-G developed over two years, has a 450cc head that provides a stable, forgiving surface. The company says the four-piece construction with a machined 6-4 thin titanium face and center of gravity located low and back in the head produces high launch, low spin, and superior carry and roll. A weight screw attached to the rear of the sole helps establish launch angles.

I’m no technician so I can’t vouch for the specifics of the technology. What I can say is that the 12.5-degree stick with a senior-flex shaft handles beautifully, the PI is easy to swat for good distances, and it rewards the hitter with a terrific smack when you belt a ball in the sweet spot. The consistency with which I clocked the ball gives me confidence that even the occasional mishit will put me in good position for my approach shot.

Right-handed golfers may order their custom-made Praxis PI drivers in 9.5, 12.5, 15.5, and 18.5 degrees, while left-hand models are available in 9.5, 12.5, and 15.5 degrees (no, it does not come in white). The lie angle is 59.5 degrees, the face angle is 05. degrees closed, and the bulge and roll are each 12 degrees, according to the company.

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