Nike Golf’s VR_S family satisfies the need for speed (VIDEO)

Nike Golf’s new VR_S line of drivers, metal woods, hybrids and irons epitomize the company’s emphasis on speed.

“All golfers have the need for speed,” Stites says.

Watch and listen as Stites, who used to design clubs for the legendary Ben Hogan, talks about his “need for speed” and how there are two kinds of speed in club design – hit speed and face speed – the latter being the impact collision between the club and ball. Stites also explains Nike Golf’s new NexCOR technology in every club in the VR_S family.

Nike Golf's VR_S iron

The NexCOR technology is two different face thicknesses that Stites says allows the club face to flex for better distance.

Stites says the VR-S irons are versatile enough to be played by golfer moving out of forged blades but who wants to maintain feel and the golfer looking for forgiving distance.

The irons feature Nike Golf’s Powerbow technology. By positioning the weight off the face with a deep pocket construction, Stites says the Powerbow technology produces a faster, higher launch for maximum carry, straighter ball flight and steeper descent to hold greens.


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